Monday, May 10, 2010

Fauna - The Hunt (2007)

Genre: Ambient Black Metal
Country: United States

Fauna's The Hunt is a monolith. It's an 80-minute, one-track album of captivating ambient/atmospheric black metal. The buildups are immense, and it all just crashes down in the final 20 minutes. Really impressive stuff; this makes other black metal in this vein *cough*wolves in the throne room*cough* seem terrible (which they generally are). Good shit if you feel like sitting through it.



TheIndomitableSpirit said...

This is so fucking good, downloaded it a couple of weeks ago and listen to it about once a day

Crysis said...

Both of their albums are great. I hear their live shows are ridiculously awesome as well. I'd love to see them.

TheIndomitableSpirit said...

i haven't heard the other one but i need to download. I feel like live this would just be cool, because it would be such a strange atmosphere.

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