Saturday, February 18, 2012

Abyssal - Denouement (2012)

Genre: Death/Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom

Cheers to JGD from The Living Doorway for locating this monster of an album. Numerous influences are evident upon listening to this, all the way from Ulcerate (probably the biggest similarity, even has drumming that approaches Jamie Saint Merat in prowess at times), to Suffocation, Antediluvian, Weapon and even Arghoslent can be found mixed into the hidden murk that this beast is covered in. Very impressive first release and an early contender for AOTY for me. I'll be certainly looking forward to hearing more material from these guys in the future. Album is available for preview and download from Bandcamp.




Crysis said...

Fuck this sounds amazing. Love the album art.

Hyperion said...

One thing, i'm pretty sure the drums are programmed, if you listen to the cymbal hits they are most certainly synthetic (which isn't bad, this still sounds nice and organic). Either that or the drummer used a completely electronic set which would be weird.

Crysis said...

Was wondering whether it was a live drummer or not.

Schnuron said...

Sounds pretty great and wicked the band.

The Witch King said...

Their metallum page suggests that it isn't a drum machine.

Ross said...

Crysis? Hyperion? Did I just find a sputnik blog?

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