Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As Serenity Fades - Lowering Sunset (1993)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Finland

Slower, wandering death metal from the Finnish scene. This demo was released back in the early 90's but was kind of lost because the band never really went anywhere, and split up after a few other demos and an EP. This album is actually kind of melodic but not in such a way that I would classify this as melodic death metal. The production is shoddy and the atmosphere is murky but the riffs often alternate between soaring melodies and crunchy death metal. Fans of Hypocrite, Dismember, Garden of Shadows, and other bands in that vein will dig this hard.



The Witch King said...

Good band.

Schnuron said...

Since I've got my headphones on, I'll still enjoy the oldest metal tunes, though I may listen to Dark Tranquillity, Abyssal and so other metal bands. Such a shame that none of other people enjoy this kind of music than the rest of genre. :/

As Serenity Fades sounds good, though.

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