Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Double Shot of NWOBHM

Slough Feg – The Traveller (2003)

Dawnbringer – Nucleus (2010)

Country: United States

To say the newest Darkthrone album isn’t overhyped would be outrageous. I personally think it’s bothersome to see a new legion of metalheads bowing to this as the best thing to happen to NWOBHM and its stirred me up to give you my personal favourites from this subgenre; the ones who don’t fuck the shit out of their influences but simply grace their majestic, galloping song structures with amazing song writing skill. Slough Feg and Dawnbringer are the clear leaders in this pack of revisionists who often outdo their older contemporaries by leaps and bounds. Don’t believe me? Grab these albums and you will surely be forgetting that Darkthrone, as good as Fenriz’s metal cred is, will never fully grab my ears with this style of music. Your masters await!

Slough Feg


Wizard said...

Seriously,fuck Sputnik and it's retarded love towards Darkthrone.

Crysis said...

hey..... hey

The Witch King said...

hey now

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