Saturday, March 30, 2013

Old Chapel - Tales from the Churchyard (2012)

Genre: Death/Doom Metal
Country: Russia

Here's some septic death/doom from Russia that reincarnates some of the lost tales of Rippikoulu and Winter. Several parallels to Coffins and Autopsy can also be drawn here. If you like your death/doom crunchy as Rice Krispies and thick as molasses, there's no reason why you shouldn't be giving this a listen. I will also note that there are some really nice solos and boiling, cavernous vocals on this thing that should satisfy anyone with a taste for this sort of thing.


brian. said...

I had a little trouble with the burpy gurgely vocals at first, but this got really cool when I let it ruminate in the background while I did some other stuff. I don't know anything about making music, but there's something quirky and awkward about this in a good way. I think the Coffins and Autopsy comparisons are apt, but they're definitely making it their own.

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