Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Double Shot Of Hate

Genre: Death Metal
Country: United States

In the mood for a hate-mongering riff spectacle? Well look no further folks, because Arghoslent is here. Nobody in the melodic death metal scene (and potentially the death metal scene overall) are capable of being so fluid in their delivery of both intolerance and sweet, sweet riffage. Their LPs are easy to find around the net, but today we're here with their less-posted first four demos The Entity, Bastard Son Of One Thousand Whores, The Imperial Clans, and the excellent Arsenal Of Glory. This will show you Arghoslent's more simplistic (some may say raw) beginnings all the way up to Arsenal Of Glory, which set the stage for their first LP Galloping Through The Battle Ruins.

First Three Demos

Arsenal Of Glory


Wizard said...

Excellent post buddy. Hornets of the Pogrom is in my top three dm of all time.

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