Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Karnarium - Otapamo Pralaja (2012)

Genre: Death Metal
Country: Sweden

So I'm an idiot for not listening to this beast of an album sooner, especially considering that their self-titled full length in 2008 kicked ass. What can be said here is that this album might outdo that release and is a tasteful and filthy combination of styles that encapsulates Dead Congregation, Autopsy, Obliteration and a host of other excellent bands into an intricately dark and foreboding package (they shy away from the usual Swedish Entombed/Dismember worship), while also adding a flare of their own. Essentially, this is an album that you would imagine playing in the background while you run from the Balrog that Gandalf slayed in The Fellowship of the Ring while attempting to cross the Bridge of Khazad-Dum. There's your little LOTR tidbit for the day, and get this nastiness now.


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