Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Electrocution/Hypocrite - Split (1994)

Genre: Death Metal/Melodic Death Metal
Country: Italy/Sweden

Hypocrite are one of the more unknown and under-appreciated melodic death metal bands to come out of Sweden. Perhaps their siding more with the OSDM side of the spectrum rather than the less-orthodox harmonies and accessibility of the Gothenburg scene and its ilk lead to their lack of recognition, but to be honest I'm fine with that. Alongside one of Sweden's best-kept secrets is Italy's Electrocution, well-known in the death metal circles for their 1993 album Inside The Unreal, which was received very well by fans and is one of the genre's more esteemed releases. This 1994 split shows the two bands doing what they do best, with Electrocution's side a mirror of their Seamed With Scars EP.



Crysis said...

Electrocution's side of the split destroys the Hypocrite side, but Hypocrite's offering is still great.

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