Friday, November 11, 2011

Faustcoven - Rising from Below the Earth (2008)

Genre: Black/Doom Metal
Country: Norway

Pulverizing, yet catchy listen from these Norwegian doom mongerers. The catchiness can be attributed to a distinct Sabbath influence on the guitar work, which is blended with cutting old school black metal undertones and a trudging bass creating a pummeling low end, while the vocals carry a sort of twisted combination between Tom G. Warrior, Black Cactus from Von and a death growl with a bit of a raspy edge as well. Strongly recommended for listeners of both of these genres.

Also, a stream of the title track from their upcoming album, Hellfire and Funeral Bells can be heard here.


sniper said...

can't unarchive the zip wtfffffff

The Witch King said...

changed the link, thanks for the catch

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