Saturday, November 19, 2011

Skyrim Has Come

The lack of posts here over the past week (at least for me) has been due to one thing: Skyrim. So watch this power metal guy shred the skyrim theme song while I go back to playing the game. I can assure you that once he gets going this is really impressive.

Download an MP3 of the track here


Schnuron said...

It sounds pretty cool.

I'd better get that game because I've got Oblivion on my own PC, but my CPU is not strong enough to run the game. I'll see if I can that game some time.

Jeremy Soule is a great composer, that he played some music of Elder Scrolls III, IV and V.

Crysis said...

Jeremy Soule also did a bunch of other awesome games like Icewind Dale and I believe he also did Neverwinter Nights.

If you have the chance to get Skyrim do it, the game is amazing.

Schnuron said...

Oh, right. I remember I looked him up on Wikipedia all that he composed and I heard Secret of Evermore, from SNES, that he was the first time he composed on a video game. x)

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