Saturday, November 3, 2012

Veil - Sombre (2008)

Genre: Depressive Black Metal
Country: United States

As many of you know, depressive black metal really isn't my thing. Sure, I'll listen to Shining (see below this post) or Woods of Desolation, but for the most part the genre really isn't that interesting to me. It might be the fact that the unique screeching vocals the style is known for really aren't to my taste, or that the riffs usually aren't very interesting, but the fact is I've never had the inclination to accumulate large numbers of dsmb albums. Still, though, there is the occasional release that has that special something that catches my attention. With Veil, the vocals are reminiscent of Woods of Desolation while the fuzzy riffing is destitute but definitely melodic in a sort of sorrowful, hopeless way that really helps wrap the atmosphere up quite tightly. Maybe my attitude is changing (I mean how can I say I don't really care for dsbm when the two latest posts on my blog are dsbm) or maybe Veil just have something the others don't.



Hyperion said...

maybe ur just gettin all depressed poor crysis

Crysis said...

yeah work does suck pretty hard

Hyperion said...

go make a list about it on sputnik everyone will love it

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