Monday, November 12, 2012

Weapon - Embers and Revelations (2012)

Genre: Black/Death Metal
Country: Canada

Ah yes, Weapon is back with their third full length. On this release, they infuse even more blackened influences into their veritable recipe of calculated and at times, atmospheric, songwriting. Mid-ranged raspy vocals accent hallowed riffs that also exhibit a strong sense of melody (not the shitty kind, either). To add on to this, a strong rhythm section composed of The Disciple (who has been in multiple black/death metal bands, including playing live with Incantation) and bassist Kha Tumos can be heard pounding away at their instruments to help support the riffage over top.



salo666 said...

There seems to be a password needed to decompress the file. Any idea what it is? Thanks, and keep up the awesome blog!

Crysis said...

I've changed the link, try it again.

Chris DAlessandro said...

Thanks for the link, come pop by my blog Severed Heads Open Minds sometime. Cheers

- Chris

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