Thursday, December 13, 2012

Garden of Silence - Behold the Cross / A Kingdom in Ruins (1993)

Genre: Progressive Death/Doom
Country: France

This album is sort of a mindfuck, but in a weird way. However that may sound, I can assure you the result is good. Saw this browsing BreadGodHoard a few weeks ago and I am still a bit perplexed yet awed over it. Think of it like death/doom, with a progressive structure, lots of melodic riffing, a mix of harsh and clean vocals, a really dark atmosphere, a bit of technicality, a hint of thrash, and you have something that may sound a bit close to this. I've really never heard anything quite like it, but this 2-song offering is pretty astounding. The band has long since dissolved, but what it has left behind is one of the more interesting and enjoyable pieces of music I've ever heard.



Wizard said...

Loving this so far, good find!

The Witch King said...

i think i've heard of these guys before, will have to check

Eibon said...

Please join us here :

Fox Mulder said...

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