Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Mournful Congregation – The Monad of Creation (2005)

Genre: Funeral Doom
Country: Australia

Subgenres are so addictive for periods of time, especially when you’ve discovered a few jewels within them. As you might have guessed, Funeral Doom has been my passion as of lately and every metal/ doom blog on the net wouldn’t be complete without The Monad of Creation – Mournful Congregation’s debut masterpiece. What I love most about this album (as with the rest of the discography) is that they never draw out anything into extremely tedious passages as they’re always finding new ways to snake into another new idea while bombarding the listener with an ample amount of crushing doom. Whether you enjoy these guys with a song at a time or as a proper album listen, you can’t get much better funeral doom than this. Bonus, you can find their entire back catalogue reissued on 20 Buck Spin for $10 each!

Get or pay up!


Daniel said...

Muchos Gracias!!!!! Had to work work when these guys played Austin a few years back. Shite.

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