Saturday, April 13, 2013

Asunder - A Clarion Call (2004)

Genre: Funeral Doom
Country: USA

I'm not really a die hard fan of funeral doom.  I love me some diSEMBOWELMENT and occasionally jam some Worship and Mournful Congregation, but for the most part funeral doom bands get caught up in trying to be as slow and plodding as possible and forget that you can still write compelling tracks that never go above 10 BPM.  Asunder is one of those bands that manage to make a 15 minute song feel like half the time.  Their arrangements and the way the riffs sort of bloom across the span of the track just makes you get lost in the journey, and that is exactly what funeral doom should accomplish.  Not to mention this record just sounds perfect.  It's so cavernous and organic, pretty much the perfect sound for this type of music.  For me this is one of the great funeral doom releases, so if you dig the style and haven't heard this yet, get it now.

shimmering doom


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