Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Melodeath That Matters: Dark Tranquillity - Trail of Life Decayed Demo (1991)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Country: Sweden

Alright so melodeath sucks.  Slaughter of the Soul is At The Gates worst album and In Flames was never good.  However, there are some examples out there of melodeath played right, i.e. death metal with melody not overproduced sappy pop metal.  And before Dark Tranquillity became overproduced sappy pop metal they managed to put out this nice little demo which surprisingly kicks ass.  Sporting Anders Friden of In Flames fame before he was of In Flames fame (and before he sucked) this thing pumps out some sweet riffs and cool harmonies and stuff just like it should be.  If you dig stuff like old At The Gates and Eucharist check this out, it rules.

Melodeath That Matters Pt. 1


Schnuron said...

Void of tranquillity is my favorite song of the old Dark Tranquillity.

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