Monday, August 6, 2012

Cornigr - Relics Of Inner War (2011)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Finland

The Finns have a tendency for making nearly any metal sub-genre sound better than their contemporaries. Everyone knows how good the Finnish death metal scene is, but they are also unleashing some ferocious black metal as well, and that is what you will find on Relics of Inner War. Being a more traditional black metal record, this one relies on pure composition to make itself rise above the murky abyss that is current black metal standards, and with that exceptional ability to compose ripping bm comes an effortless and palpable atmosphere. It's full of satan and riffs, so come and get it.



Zaruyache said...

Found this on SVN OKKLT a few days ago. Pretty sweet, from what I've heard of it.

Hyperion said...

From what i understand this album isn't from 2012, its a 2011 album that's getting a 2012 release on some other formats, vinyl and CD. It was originally on pro tape.

Crysis said...

Yeah I saw conflicting dates from different sources so I just put 2012

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