Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Funcunt - Coldeaccol (1991)

Genre: Death/Rock/Metal/Jazz/Pretty Much Everything
Country:  Finland (of course)

I usually can't stand avant-garde metal.  It's mostly pointless theoretical wankery that is neither good nor as intelligent as the bands might think.  Funcunt is 100% absolutely pointless wankery.  There are some death metal riffs and some blasty parts, then some jazz breakdowns with saxophone and some slap bass and i think even in one part the vocalist starts rapping but I'm not totally sure.  Only Finland could produce something as insanely stupid and yet strangely enjoyable as this demo.  Plus they're called Funcunt, which just might be the best band name of all time.  If you are in the mood to listen to anything remotely serious avoid this at all costs.  That being said I think everyone who is into extreme metal in the slightest should give this a listen through at least once. It's worth it.



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The link is broken, can you upload it again? Thanks.

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