Thursday, August 16, 2012

Rahu - The Quest for the Vajra of Shadows (2012)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Finland

So, for my first post here i'd like to follow up on something i never got to fix on Pervert the Church before it got destroyed by the capitalist pigs (RIP).  Rahu is yet another black metal project courtesy of the guys behind bands like Circle of Ouroborus, Vordr, and Prevalent Resistance.  They released two EP's a few years ago but finally in 2012 they unleash on us their first full length, which so far is my favorite black metal this year.  This has been leaked for a while now but the original rip was fucked up and had the last 30 or so seconds of the tracks cut off on each one.  Thankfully there is a good rip out now so those of you who have the bad one or have yet to hear this can jump on it, because it really is quite good.

Also i wanna thank Crysis for bringing me on here to post for you guys, i promise i'll only bring the kvlt and crush.

the quest for the vagina of shadows


†HAXAN† said...

Awesome. Thanks for this. i got also that shitty rip on the first place. This is a really good release. Might eventually end up spinning the wax version of it at the Haxan's den on a few day from here...


Crysis said...

Yeah I remember this being posted on PtC but I never checked. Will do so.

Hyperion said...

Yeah i want the wax pretty bad but i have to find a job first because you know, money and stuff.

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