Saturday, September 29, 2012

Diskord - Dystopics (2012)

Genre: Technical Death Metal / Progressive Death Metal
Country: Norway

First off, Crysis and Shadow will probably see this post and be like "what the fuck Hyperion is posting tech death something is wrong" and they would be right.  Fuck, most of you will probably see the tech death tag and run screaming, but hear me out.  Imagine if Autopsy, Carbonized, Morbus Chron, and Voivod got together and had a 4 way love child.  That, in essence, is what Diskord's newest album sounds like, and as a matter of fact it's pretty damn good.  Pure Autopsy worship riffs are somehow mangled into a twisting mass of discordant song structures all over some meaty and filthy production.  It rules and even if you hate tech death in general like me give it a spin, it's worth it.



Crysis said...

lol tech prog death lolololololololol

Hyperion said...

im so ashamed of myself

Crysis said...

guise here is new enslaved hope u like

The Witch King said...

What have you but seriously this is probably really good. Doomscapes is great, I'd throw Demilich and Obliteration into the influence/similar sound category as well.

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