Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Odz Manouk / Absum - Rotting Esophagus (2012)

Genre: Black Metal
Country: USA

What this year has been lacking in death metal it sure is making up for in black metal, and you bet your ass the Black Twilight Circle/Rhinocervs/Crepsculo Negro conglomerate are busy putting out a bunch of stuff for us to enjoy.  Probably their best output this year is this little split between the best BTC band and the most underrated BTC band.  The Odz Manouk side is on par with all the other great things they've put out so far, but the shining star of this split of this is Absum's side.  Absum is basically a blackened funeral doom band that do what they do extremely well.  Long, drawn out, mournful melodies over a thick plate of pleasently lo-fi production makes for a fucking good track. If you want some good quality black material from this year look no further than this split, it delivers on all fronts.

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