Sunday, September 30, 2012

Ragnarok - Diabolical Age (2000)

Genre:  Black Metal
Country: Norway

All in all i don't really think Ragnarok gets the attention they deserve when it comes to TNBM.  Their first few releases were just ok, and then in 1997 they released Arising Realm, which if you happen to enjoy Symphonic Black Metal is one of the better releases to come from that subgenre.  After that however, they dropped most of the keys and went for a more straightforward approach, which arguably after this album hasn't done them a great service (they're basically a Watain clone now which is dumbfounding because why would you ever want to sound like fucking Watain).  But luckily for us Diabolical Age hits the right spot and plays some kickass true Norwegian black metal for the glory of satan.  Not only that, but it has the best piano piece ever recorded for a black metal album.  Back in my high school years i spent almost a year learning Postludium on piano because it was so fucking good.  Not to mention that album art, fuck that's good.

satan lives in the haunted forests of norway


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